Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Since I have started a new blog site I am gradually starting to post all the products I have tried earlier in the summer/fall of 2015. I apologize for the delay! Now I want to quickly share one of the natural deodorants which I have tried in the past and loved it. It is the Citrus Deodorant Cream by Soap Walla.

Overview of the product: Made of vegetable powders, clays along with citrus essential oils such as lime, grapefruit and lemongrass this vegan cream allows the absorption of moisture and kills odour throughout the day keeping me smelling fresh. It is also made out of high quality organic and food grade ingredients. I usually wear it in the morning and all throughout the day without have to reapplying but if necessary I will reapply after an extensive workout at the gym. Keep in mind this cream does contain baking soda. For those of you are sensitive to baking soda this may not work for you.

Overall, I love this deodorant and it does the job for me. However, I have noticed that I can’t apply this to my under arms due to skin sensitivity so I wait an hour or two and then massage into my skin until absorbed. I am very impressed that Soap Walla has actually warned about it on their site so there will be no surprises for us with sensitive skin after we choose to use this product. Worthy investment on a deodorant that beats most deodorants in the green beauty world.


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