Eyeliner Pencils Of My Choice

As a makeup artist there are so many eyeliner pencils I have tried in the green beauty industry and still looking forward to trying more. But not all are created equal. I am very selective of picking the right eyeliner pencil for myself. So it’s time for me to reveal the top two eyeliner pencils I have used over and over gain out of all the other ones shown above on my photo.

My first pick would have to be Mesmerize Eyeliner in Ink 606 by Vapour Beauty. It is a creamy smooth black liner that is easy to apply without putting too much pressure on the eyes. It is long lasting compare to the other green beauty liners I have tried so far. I love wearing it on my upper as well as my lower lashes.

My second pick would be the 100% Pure eyeliner pencil in Dark Cacao Long Last Liner. It’s creamy texture also applies smoothly around the eye areas. It contains Vitamin E which also helps in nourishing the skin. It lasts for several hours but I have found that it does not last as long as the Vapour Beauty eye pencil. But that is just what I have experienced but it may or may not provide the same results for you.

My third pick is the Pacifica Magical Multi-Pencil Prime & Line Lips, Eyes, Face. I have not used it on my face since the color is not suitable for my liking. I find it too light and well; that’s pretty much it! I have used it inside the rims of my eyes to brighten and widen the look my eye makeup and it does a good job in delivering the results. It is not as long as lasting as I have hoped for but I still use it because of its shade which is more of a nude/beige color. I have not applied this pencil on my lips for priming since the color is a tad bit too light for the skin on my lips but it may work well for someone with a lighter skin complexion.

The last two eye pencils are my least favorite and they are — Sante white Kajal Eyeliner which is not to my liking at all. Its color is stark white and it does not stand out and does not feel creamy or smooth during application. It is also not long lasting. So definitely a big NO NO for me!! Another brown eye pencil by Pacifica (shown above) is called the Natural Eye Pencil in Fringe Brown which also did not have the creamy and smooth consistency like the other top eye pencils I have mentioned above. It claims to be long lasting but it only lasted for few hours on my eyes.

Quick Tip : Always look for eyeliners that have the intensity, great color payoff, lasting power as well as smooth and creamy texture for easy application because the skin around the eye area is very delicate unlike the rest of the skin on your face. So you need to treat it with the utmost care.

So there you have it! My honest opinion on some of the green beauty eyeliners I have tried. Let me know if you have tried any of the above products.

Hope you have a beautifully radiant day!



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