Nu Evolution Makeup Review

Nu Evolution Cosmetics is known for their high quality naturally derived ingredients. Here are few of the products I have tried from this brand and I am ready to give you my final thoughts on each of them.


Feisty with a pouty look – haha

This is a rich dark purple shade that can be worn if you are feeling feisty — ok just kidding!s The name of this shade is called Feisty. This is a super pigmented deep bold shade with a semi matte creamy texture.



This shade is called Sassy and it is a matte pink with a beautiful creamy texture. I think this is probably my personal favorite because it compliments my olive skin tone and I can wear it whenever wherever. It brightens up my face and it brings me a warm fuzzy feeling when I ware it. Just love it!!



This is a rich brown lipstick called Fierce. It is a beautiful brown with a semi matte creamy finish. It is also well pigmented just like the rest of the other lipsticks by Nu Evolution cosmetics.  On this photo I am also wearing their mascara in Black which helps to give lashes a bit more volume. It does not give a dramatic effect for my super thin/ small lashes but it definitely helps to boost my lashes confidence with its natural hydrating, nourishing oils as well as natural waxes, rice powder and other great ingredients.


This mascara needs several coats before it can give my lashes any voluminous look (at least 8 to 10 coats needed to be applied on my lashes). It is more time consuming for to apply this mascara since its takes more than 10 minutes to get my lashes stand out a bit. I also have noticed major smudging near my bottom lashes after few hours of wearing this mascara and I have tried to fix the problem but I was not very successful. (FYI- It is normal for most mascaras to smudge a bit here and there whether they are made with natural or synthetic ingredients).

The last ones are my pressed matte blush in the shade Cosmopolitan and my pressed eye shadow in Versailles. First of all the blush in my opinion is a very pretty color but it is very sheer for my complexion. I really have to get several applications before I can see any color on my cheeks. It is a bit too powdery than creamy for my liking since I prefer my blushes to be a bit more rich in color and smoother. But anyone with really fair skin tone can easily get away wearing this color. It’s hard to decide on the colors and textures of makeup when you buy online so it’s always best to try samples first before purchasing any makeup. Unless you are an impulse buyer like myself (sometimes) I highly recommend you try testers or samples first before purchasing any makeup.


Top – Shadow in Versailles and Bottom – Blush in Cosmopolitan

The eye shadow which I have tried is called Versailles and this also goes on very sheer on my eyelids. I just use it as a base shadow or as a highlighter on my brow bones and cheekbones mostly. It is a bit more on the frosty side. When I initially saw the photo of the eye shadow and its description I thought it would be a great match but I was wrong. I have expected it to be more gold tone and bit more rich but it did not turn out that way. As you can see from the photo swatch it looks a bit more white/beige on my skin. It does not show up much on my photo when I wear it alone so I always have to mix it with another darker or more pigmented shadow. I am definitely open to trying more of the deeper shades which Nu Evolution has to offer and maybe they will work better on my skin tone. Until then I highly highly recommend their lipsticks as they are some of my favorite lipsticks when it comes to quality and performance.

So there you have it. My honest opinion on these Nu Evolution makeup products. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to leave a comment if you any questions or if you would like to share your own thoughts on this post.


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