Hello, my name is Ophelia Flynn and I welcome you to my humble blog site where I share my knowledge of understanding of the world that is surrounded by endless beauty. With over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry, I have worked and played with many beauty products starting from mainstream beauty products to green beauty products. Using the right ingredients are very important to me due to the sensitivity nature of my skin type. I was once a 100% green beauty blogger and decided to use only natural ingredients on my face which included skincare as well as makeup. Later down the road, I have come to realize that even natural ingredients can be harmful to my skin which can ultimately cause irritation, sensitivity, and acne. After researching and speaking with many skin specialists I have made the decision not to use 100% green makeup or skincare products and always steer clear of certain ingredients in both mainstream brands and organic/green beauty brands. Trust me I am not the ONLY one who have gone through this unfortunate situation. I believe that one should not feel guilty for not being able to live a 100% organic lifestyle which is nearly impossible given the world we live in. I believe in holistic living and I try my best to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. This blog is a reflection of who I am as a lover of all things beauty and wellness related, a makeup artist, a mother, and a wife.

 I truly believe that my everyday life experience can help my readers to understand and acquire knowledge on what may or may not truly work for them. I also love fitness and food as well as love collecting books on various different subjects, especially health and wellness. My ultimate desire is to create and share my moments beautifully with everyone I meet along the way and hope that my humble blog ‘Beautifully Ophelia’ which covers everything from beauty to wellness can help you live your own life beautifully with a purpose. Because life doesn’t have to be perfect to be lived beautifully.

Why “Beautifully Ophelia?”

After discovering my passion for photography where I love creating and capturing beautiful photos of the products that are dear to me the idea of the word “beautifully” entered into my mind. My photos are not always perfect since I am still learning and growing. But one thing I always intend to do is to follow my inner desire to create and capture my moments beautifully (not perfectly) whether it is through blogging or simply living each day.

Professional Background

Certified Makeup Artist

Over 12 years of industry Makeup and Skincare experience

Worked as a beauty consultant with high-end mainstream beauty brands

My Skin Type

Before using *only* all natural products: Dry/dehydrated/sensitive and *never* had acne or breakout issues

After using *only* all natural products for few years: dehydrated/oily/ultra sensitive and very acne prone

I do not have any wrinkles or fine lines yet but I am sure they will come with time 🙂

Current Skincare?

Use *both* natural and mainstream skincare products carefully to balance my skin and I keep my skincare routine very simple

Regularly visit my facialist for deep cleanings and extractions

End Results?

My skin is almost back to normal. My acne prone skin has simply vanished. (True Story)

What Do I Use?

 Mostly conventional makeup as well as some natural makeup

Use mostly natural body products on myself but I do use 100% natural products on my kids.

Try to buy organic/local food whenever possible by supporting my local farmers


Love to read books on health/wellness and food and anything that helps my mind to grow

Love taking photos for my blog posts

Love playing with makeup

Love shopping for things that I may or may not need (sometimes it can get out of control)

Love enjoying the outdoors with my family 

Love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients

Love collecting fair trade and holistic stuff

Love watching documentaries on history, science, health, and wellness

My Expectations?

I have no expectations at the moment except I hope that my willingness to share my life experiences as a beauty enthusiast and a makeup artist may help others to make better choices in all things beauty related and more — because at the end of the day all we can do is to just try our best, do our best and hope for the best.

So let’s start the journey beautifully  together!!